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The art, juiciness and soundesign are all good, props there.

But i am lost about the game. What the hell am i supposed to do? Yeah i can eat and get water and plant a thing (that always dies in the night) and cut stone for the fireplace but why? Is the goal simply to survive?

Also why is hunger turned of at night? I never got hungry in the night, that seems kinda unintuitive.

I get making it minimalistic, but atleast some kind of guidance would be nice, atleast some tooltips what things are.

The pixelart looks fine, but is not really readable to what individual things are (except the tools those are fine).


This game has a lot of potential! It has solid game feel, even the menus feel punchy. I do think that a more interesting character and environment design would go a long way! Regardless it was an compelling playthrough.



nice game!


Esse jogo tem um potencial enorme


good game


jogo bom 

English??? huh???


Jogo incrível, se tivesse dinheiro até doava, sério mesmo. muito bom. espero que continue.



Jogo foda


this has potential!


Muito bom o jogo . Tem muito potencial de ganhar.


carai jogo pika